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Free BEMER Session

We offer a Free BEMER Session on your initial visit, a $35 value. Currently we have a super special offering you the 5 day challenge at our office in Charlotte, NC. For only $99 in this 5 day challenge you will receive 6 BEMER Sessions.

For a Free BEMER Session and a free presentation please contact us through our website. We do travel in the following states North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and others upon request. We do request that a small group of at least four interested parties are present.

Charlotte location:

11230 Carmel Commons Blvd, Suite 301 (second floor)

Charlotte, NC 28226.

Greensboro location:

407 Meadowood St.

Greensboro, NC 27409.

Both locations are by appointment only, no walk-ins.

We also offer a free interactive presentation about the product, which we can gladly text to your phone number, the length of this interactive presentation is in average 20 -25 minutes. Reviewing this presentation automatically qualifies you to a Free BEMER session at one of our locations. Contact us TODAY to receive Your Free BEMER session.

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