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The Risks of Poor Blood Circulation

What are the Risks of Poor Blood Circulation? Now that you understand the benefits of having good blood circulation, it is important to identify various risks caused by poor blood circulation. Cutting out unhealthy activities like smoking will help improve your circulatory system. The Risks of Poor Blood Circulation may be because you might suffer from lack of energy, excessive tiredness and an inability to concentrate. You may have problems with cold hands and or feet, problems with your blood sugar regulation, Cardiovascular issues, sleeping problems, immune disorders or any of the other many health issues known to mankind. The limited flow of oxygen to the brain may lead to memory glitches all these are Risks of Poor Blood Circulation.

Several ways to decrease the risks of poor blood circulation:

· Get your blood pumping with a little cardio.

· Indulge yourself in a soothing massage

· Kickstart your circulation with omega 3

· As if you needed another reason to QUIT smoking

· Find your inner Zen with yoga

· Hug your body with compression gear

· Reduce circulation problems with a bath

· Manage stress to increase blood flow

· Fight bad circulation by standing more

· Do you liver & blood a favor, take it easy on the alcohol

· Stay hydrated with good, clean water

· Pump up the iron to improve blood circulation

For women, one of the most terrifying or embarrassing effects of poor blood circulation is alopecia; or hair loss.

For men, one of the most terrifying or embarrassing effects of poor blood circulation is erectile dysfunction.

The causes of poor blood circulation are many. Between our diets, our lifestyle choices, and maybe even the occasional vice here and there, we all do things that contribute to poor blood circulation.

Because blood circulates white blood cells for healing and platelets for clotting, cuts and sores may take longer to heal, increasing the likelihood of infection. In the worst cases, poor circulation may require amputation of the affected limb. Be aware and know the risks of poor blood circulation and what you can do about it.