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Well Water

Think about your well water for a moment. What are you pumping out of the earth and consuming as a beverage or cooking with? Looks like water should be water? Hmmmm. Well water is in most cases a clear liquid and you have absolutely no idea what is in your well water. Imagine all the landfills in the USA, all the trash we just conveniently throw away. Think for a few minutes of what YOU all throw away and what others may throw away.

Let’s create a minor list of severely bad items to throw in the trash:

Batteries (don’t we use batteries in everything? )

Oils (engine oil, you know you changed your oil and there is still left overs)

Paint (up until very recently most contained lead)

Paint thinner (highly flammable)

Plastic bottles (made out of oil)

Now try to calculate of what You dispose per month and now multiply this by the American population. Yes some recycle but most don’t. So we have over 300,000,000 people living in the USA. That’s a lot of trash, that is a lot of poison going into mother earth for decades and it is not getting any less. All this is slowly leaking through and reaching the underground water system, yes the underground rivers and lakes where you might be getting your well water from.

We haven’t even begun to talk about what factories and chemical plants dispose into our rivers. Remember GenX in Wilmington, NC? Just to name one. Then you have all the pesticides and artificial fertilizers that famers spray to achieve bigger yields on crops, or to kill weeds. All this poison is slowly moving through the earth crust and meeting again in Your well water. Do NOT take any chances and come up and say, oh my family has been drinking our well water for generations and it tastes good. Nobody is denying that it might taste good, but You have absolutely no idea what is in there. The world is not getting any better and all the products in the landfills need decades to cause harm. In today’s world You NEED to have a whole house water treatment system. A whole house water treatment system has several benefits. It can make your water softer if you have hard water, these are huge benefits for Your skin and cleaning purposes. You can reduce or eliminate metals such as but not limited to Arsenic, Lead, Iron, and many more. You can also eliminate bacteria in the water. Have you heard about the flesh eating amobe? Yes if it is in your body You have no survival chances, it is even found in heavy chlorinated city water.

Don’t gamble with Your families life's, Your kids deserve clean healthy well water. Should You know anybody that has well water, PLEASE have them contact us so we can test their water. A basic test should at least include testing for hardness, total dissolved solids (this is all organic and non-organic contaminates) iron, nitrates and Ph levels. Fixing those items will give you much better and healthier well water.

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